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What concerns you about your health today? Check your symptoms.

Discovering helpful answers and handy guidelines so you can manage your own health and well-being is very empowering. With the aid of reputable Apps these days, you can actually become part of the solution. In the twenty-first century, readily available health-related Apps are educating everyday users more than ever before.

Symptom-checker Apps have an important role in guiding users in their search for answers regarding their own bodies. Even though no App is a substitute for a qualified health care professional, well-designed Apps can still help point users in the right direction of a potential diagnosis that may have been eluding your medical professionals and you.

Applying intelligent technology, the Ada App was developed to help users categorize their symptoms on an easy-to-use and understandable platform. The App applies artificial intelligence optimized with real doctors' expertise to analyze your complaints quickly. It claims to have the most comprehensive coverage of common conditions and offers medical guidance in easily understandable language.

The extensive information provided for any health issue covers every angle of the symptoms you are investigating. Also included is the FAQs feature for each condition, and extensive independent, external references are provided so the users can further explore the topic of interest.

How it works is elegantly simple. Ada asks several simple, incisive questions relevant to your complaint or health issue then compares your responses to thousands of similar cases to zero in on potential explanations for your problems.

The Ada Medical Library provides medical information to understand your symptoms better and manage your health.

You can be confident in sharing the findings Ada has discovered with your health care provider. Furthermore, the App can identify the questions you should direct your healthcare provider for further exploration.


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