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Coaching & Consultancy

We offer different types of coaching and consultancy.

50 years of

COMBINED EXPERIENCE in healthcare, coaching and education. 

We have the know-how you need.

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Pick-Up Truck Coaching

Unraveling a little piece at a time helps you to see farther than you ever thought possible

Joanna Graham

Joanna worked as a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse for 25 years and retired from that role in 2018.


Since then, she has received certifications in health and life coaching with some education in timeline therapy and neuro-linguistic programming.

Joanna is a grandmother of 3 amazing boys.   

She enjoys quilting and listening to music.


Joanna was the leading health coach at platform, a health and wellness program for people at risk of dementia. 



Lisa Rubenstein 

Mom of 3 ❤️❤️❤️ Wife 🥰 Daughter 💕 Teacher 😉 Heath and Wellness Coach 🤗

Lisa is a teacher and a professional Health and Wellness Coach.

She is a mother of 3 amazing kids. 

You can follow her on Facebook:

Set your own health goals and contact one of our coaches directly 

Get your personal digital health program tailored to your needs 

Decide as you go how health much coaching you need to achieve your goals

We use a HIPPA-compliant digital platform to create your personal digital health mobile app that inspires and motivates you and is tailored to your health and wellness goals. 


Dr. Inna Marquard

Medical Doctor and Digital Health Expert

Dr. Inna Marquard, MD is a board-certified General Practitioner (licensed in Germany) with experience in acute geriatric care and rehabilitation. From 2007-2021, Inna worked as a medical practitioner and served as an expert for the World Health Organization (WHO). 

She is a certified health and wellness coach and digital health expert. 

What Our Clients Say


“What a fantastic introduction to all components known to help our brains and delay or prevent dementia. The exercise portion is easy to use. It has helped me develop a new habit. It’s easy to follow and I’ve learned a lot

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