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Understanding your migraine patterns and finding community and advice.

The Migraine Buddy App was developed to help migraine patients manage their condition and reduce the number of attacks. Designed by leading headache specialists who understand the realities confronting people living with chronic headache, this App enables users to learn more about migraine, to track their symptoms and to discuss their problems with their health-care providers.

What is inside the Migraine Buddy App?

1. Journal

The App provides proven action plans to track your migraine episodes and discover the causes. You will learn to identify and avoid potential migraine triggers. Recording your migraine journal becomes a customizable, quick and easy task. You are guided by the intuitive interface, which has a wizard-style questionnaire.

2. Communication with your health care provider

Your diary records help build up a picture of your individual condition. The detailed free reports generated from the records you keep are invaluable tools to facilitate communication with your doctor. They enable him to understand your situation better and help find the most suitable management strategy for your attacks.

3. Education

The Migraine Buddy App provides educational programs to support people living with migraine. There are informative tutorials, guides, and templates with invaluable information and insights. Leading migraine experts help you navigate your migraine days through further education.

Another innovative feature is the Migraine Game, which is a fun and educational way to help you learn the definitions of the specialized medical terminology around your condition. This is a great learning tool.

4. Connection and advice

Migraine Buddy also offers support through the Community chat groups, where you can connect with others with similar problems, for helpful advice and support.

The Migraine Buddy App is available through Apple Store and Google Play. You can download the free App, with an optional subscription version.


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