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Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with technology.

The digital era has been integral in helping us facilitate our lives in every way, from organizing our chores to enhancing our careers to enabling versatile working and automating tasks. But phone Apps are ushering in a revolutionary and heightened interest in health and wellness for all.

One of the key health issues faced by the majority is maintaining an optimal weight. Not only does it help you feel good about yourself, but it puts you at a lower risk of developing some potentially serious conditions, and it gives you more energy to enjoy life to the full.

Two of the top used weight loss apps currently available are My Fitness Pal and the Fooducate App. There are many benefits to digitalizing your health and monitoring your weight and BMI through an App such as these two. Advantages can include:

  • Creating awareness and accountability by keeping a food diary.

  • Learning about your eating habits.

  • Joining online communities for motivation and inspiration.

  • Setting goals.

  • Keeping track of progress.

  • Improving personal mindset towards food choices.

Digital weight wellness can be beneficial for those not looking to lose weight too. Maintenance and fitness tracking can also be monitored through such Apps and further enhanced by purchasable add-ons.

Weight Gurus are a key example of using high-tech Apps in conjunction with accessories to help boost personal knowledge and track weight loss, BMI management, and educated food choices. The Weight Gurus App syncs with its digital Bluetooth scale, making it easy for users to set goals, track weight, monitor BMI, assess body fat percentage, muscle mass, water weight, and more.


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