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Hormone Health- Why to learn more about endocrinology?

People with concerns over issues with their hormone systems can turn to an excellent App provided by Dagana Apps on Google Play, called Endocrinology Basics. This well-presented application enables users to explore all facets of this fascinating topic and discover the endocrine system's fundamental components and all the associated problems that can arise.

The App dissects the endocrine system's complexities and presents the information using the language for everyone to understand. It explains the different types of hormones and their functions in the body.

Users can learn how the endocrine system dispatches the hormones through the blood circulatory system to their target tissues and exert their effect by binding with receptor cells at the site.

Users can learn about the disorders that can arise when the endocrine system is disrupted or malfunctions. They can select a disease or disorder of interest and learn more about the type of glands involved, including descriptions and symptoms of the condition, causes of disorders, complications to look out for, and what endocrinal emergencies can arise.

The application requires Android 4.1 and up. It is available free on Google Play, and it does contain advertisements.


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