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What do you need to know about the keto diet with Apps?

If you are unfamiliar with the ketogenic diet, then simply put, it is a high-fat low-carb regimen devised in 1921 by a distinguished physician at the eponymous Mayo Clinic.

The keto diet is designed to be carbohydrate-deficient which mimics a state of fasting within the body, also known as ketosis. When the body thinks it is in fasting mode, it forces the system to burn fat which can result in weight loss.

The main challenge faced by people choosing this dietary option is to find the right balance of foods to prevent nutritional deficits and a lack of the correct vitamins and minerals. This is where The Carb Manager Keto Diet App comes into play.

The App ensures that you maintain a level of ketosis within the body through the use of an advanced macro calculator. By inputting your meals, you can track your net carbs, total carbs, fat, glycemic load, and protein, and also receive warning alerts if you exceed your daily limits.

Other core features include a calorie counter, water and weight tracker, exercise diary and a database containing over 1 million foods. The food catalogue also details macros, carb counts, net carbs and sugar alcohols. If you don’t like to go-it alone, then you can also be part of the keto community where you can share your progress with friends, exchange ideas and tips and have access to all the latest news and research about the keto diet.

If you want to boost the control of your ketosis then the app offers a paid premium subscription providing a personalized keto meal planner, diabetes tracker, advanced reporting and a comprehensive health chart detailing your metrics of 30+ nutrients and more.

The App is available for iPhone and Android, with over 3 million members. It is free for download and features in-app purchases and subscriptions ranging from $4.99 - $39.99.


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