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Useful Apps to help kids and their families

Identifying potential issues with speech or attention deficit early can help children find the right approach to manage or overcome such issues. However, while educators can offer essential guidance for the best outcomes, parents and children might want to be proactive too. The good news is that several apps are now available to help kids with a wide variety of challenges.

Speech and Communication

Communication is an essential skill, and there is a number of Apps available aimed at children that seek help to improve articulation and language skills. Splingo's Language Universe focuses on language learning, rewarding children for completed tasks with games and more to keep them engaged. Available on Android and iOS, it covers every stage of language development from single word recognition through to complex instructions.

Another App aimed at children struggling with articulation is the Articulation Station. This colorful iOS only App offers stimulating learning for children developing speech sounds, allowing them to practice and improve away from the classroom.

There is a wide choice of options in this field. Speech Blubs and Otsimo are two more, with each targeting a specific learning need and age group. Whatever problem a child is facing, there are excellent supportive Apps to help.


Attention-deficit problems can cause other learning challenges too, so any help in overcoming them is welcome. There are several Apps designed to assist children and parents here, with Tali being one of the market leaders. Using a game-based design, Tali measures key attention skills, engages children, and provides an attention map unique to each child. A 5-week training program is developed from this assessment to help the child strengthen attention, with the App's performance validated in clinical trials.

These apps are not a substitute for professional diagnosis and assistance but act as a supplement to help children work on issues away from the classroom or healthcare environment. This allows for faster progress and greater improvement, benefiting, and supporting the child and the caregivers.


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