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Quit smocking is not easy- find your way with the right App.

We all know the health problems that come with smoking, but it can still be difficult to give up as with any addiction. Choosing to quit smoking is the start of a difficult journey, and smokers need all the help they can get along the way.

Quit smoking Apps are a great tool for this, as they provide ongoing encouragement and motivation, and some even help with the psychological approach to quitting smoking.

There are several quit smoking Apps available for Android and iOS devices, with the each of them offering something slightly different.

EasyQuit is one of the best. Available on Android, it creates a program to follow to help the users quit smoking gradually. It uses badges as rewards for each milestone achieved and shows the health progress being made, such as improved blood circulation and oxygen levels. The App also features a memory game used to distract when the user experiences cravings, helping them stick to the program.

Another style of App is Quit Genius, which is available for the iPhone. This App is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and looks to implement a behavioral modification to stop the user from smoking. It allows custom programs that don't seek to stop smoking immediately but instead train the users to reduce and eventually cease smoking over time. It tracks how much money is being saved as a motivational and reward system, keeping the user engaged and eventually get them to the point they no longer smoke.

There are variations on these styles for all platforms, providing the support and motivation needed to quit smoking successfully.


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