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New studies show that vegetarians live healthier than meat-eaters.

The benefits of cutting down on meat consumption are prevalent, not only for human health but also for the environment. An increasing number of people opt to follow a vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian diet, with studies showing that the number of Americans opting for a plant-based way of eating has skyrocketed to 43 million people.

A whole-food, plant-centric diet can be rich in the nutrients your body needs. Fruits and vegetables are packed with phytochemicals and powerful antioxidants, which can help ward off diseases and reduce the risk of some cancers, help prevent type-2 diabetes and lessen the pain associated with inflammatory conditions.

The key pitfall to following a vegan or vegetarian diet is that, without proper guidance and knowledge, it can involve the unhealthy spiral into consuming lots of processed, chemical-laden, convenience foods.

Ella Mills, the founder of the worldwide plant-based movement Deliciously Ella has formulated an App resource to help users eat better and ‘make vegetables cool.’

The App has over 600 delicious plant-based recipes, 200+ fitness videos, as well as guided meditations, articles, podcasts, and lots more plant-based inspiration. The App also has an intuitive tracking tool, personalized weekly wellness plans, meal planning, shopping list function, frequent updates with new and revolutionized content, and the option to save your favorite recipes.

You can join more than 50,000 other subscribers by downloading the App, in English or German, on Android or iPhone. The App costs $0.99 per month, or it is $9.99 for an annual subscription.


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