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Menstrual cycle- what is normal, what not. Let you guide through what can be difficult times.

Learning more about our body’s well-being and health issues makes us more informed. Knowledge takes the guess-work out of understanding why our body reacts the way it does. It has always seemed a mystery the way our menstrual cycles affect our mood and state of mind. Fortunately, these days we can simply turn to reputable health-care Apps to help find a lot of the answers.

One informative App has been designed by We Are Moody Ltd, specifically to guide users through the ups and downs of their monthly cycle. The App, Moody Month is a daily wellness and menstrual cycle tracker. This well-presented App is free of charge and suitable for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. It can be shared between up to six family members with ‘Family Sharing’ enabled.

Users find the App an ideal tool for tracking their period cycle through the month. They can make daily notes on the physical changes that occur and the effects on their emotional state of mind. Taking records enables us to measure how much our mental health is being influenced by our menstrual cycle. The well-designed tools included in this App can throw some fresh light on important issues of this nature.

There are different toggle and diary functions, and the App offers plenty of in-depth, helpful insights to guide us through what can be difficult times. As well as functioning as a daily tracker, the App provides advice on suitable foods to consume and suggestions on what foods to avoid at times during your cycle.

Keeping detailed personal records helps the users analyze their own unique journey each month, spot trends, anticipate mood swings and predict future cycles.


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