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Macronutrients are the fundamental building blocks of the foods we eat.

Macronutrients – also known as macros – encompass the key food groups that supply our bodies with the energy they need, enabling us to function at an optimal level.

The main macro foods are carbohydrates (which provide fuel for our bodies), proteins (which make us feel satiated), and fats (which help our cells communicate). By monitoring your intake of these three nutritional groups, this diet style can ensure you’re eating enough macronutrient dense foods and providing your body with all the necessary elements it needs to function properly.

The Macros - Calorie Counter & Meal Planner App enables users to easily calculate all caloric needs and monitor their macronutrient intake.

With over 1 million installs, the app is one of the most popular macro trackers available on the market. Its’ easy functionality and simple-to-follow color-coding system are the main draws.

The App enables users to input their dietary needs and consumption, drawing nutritional information from a database of thousands of foods. Users can create their own private food library, copy and paste meal plans, utilize the integrated barcode reader, and set weight loss, weight gain, or muscle mass building goals.

The optional ‘plus mode’ feature allows users to edit their caloric requirements in both percentages and grams, export data to print or share meals, distribute the percentage of macros more easily and obtain more detailed nutritional intake insights.

The App is available to download free on both iPhone and Android and features in-app purchases ranging from $1.99-$35.99.


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