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Interested in intermittent fasting? Get support.

Intermittent Fasting (IF) has been used throughout history as part of many cultural, religious, and spiritual customs. However, in more recent years, this type of fasting has become an immensely popular choice for those wanting to lose weight without being restricted in their food choices.

Intermittent Fasting is a dietary pattern that rotates between periods of abstinence and eating. The focus is not on what you eat but instead on when you should eat.

Not only can Intermittent Fasting aid with weight loss, but it is also purported to improve sleep, regulate blood glucose levels as well as be beneficial for type 2 diabetics, people living with multiple sclerosis, and cancer patients.

The Zero App was designed by some of the world’s leading doctors and researchers as a simple and effective way of tracking your daily fasting. When you’re looking to lose weight, consistency is key – and this App helps you achieve just that.

The App comes with two predefined fasts but can be customizable to enable users to define their daily fasting hours and days per week.

With over 1 million installs, the App is packed with various effective features to guide you on your way to IF success. Some of the essential tools include a timer to ensure you stay on track, challenges to keep you motivated, a handy chart mapping your journey, and the ability to sync with Google Fit to monitor your data.

Zero Plus Premium membership highlights include custom plans, access to an exclusive library of content, enhanced statistics, personalized presets, and an advanced journaling feature.

The Zero App is available to download free on iPhone and Android and includes in-App purchases ranging from $9.99-$69.99.


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