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Human anatomy is an extremely complicated system, and the anatomy apps make it easier to explore.

Students and healthcare professionals require an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, but no one can remember everything.

Learning from books can also be a little dry and inflexible through the limitations of the medium, meaning anatomy books rarely fit into your pockets, and illustrations can never really show the detail you are looking for. However, there is a way to enjoy a comprehensive instructional and reference tool for every aspect of the human anatomy with rich media. That is by leveraging the power of the latest mobile technology using an App.

Pocket Anatomy is an iOS App for iPhone and iPad that brings the body's inner workings to life through incredible visuals and over 100,000 words.

It offers a complete 3D experience, showing the entire anatomy for both male and female bodies, allowing you to search through the layers of the body, from the skin to connective tissue, muscular and circulatory systems to the skeletal structure that supports it all and so much more.

You can highlight the major organs and bodily functions in each layer and learn more about every aspect of the anatomy with impressive visuals and detailed text. It is an unparalleled resource for learning for students, with access to the most detailed images and descriptions wherever you are, in full 3D to be viewed from any angle, far exceeding the capabilities of any book.

For health care professionals, it provides a detailed reference tool on the go, wherever needed, perfect for consultations or collaborations. Leveraging the high-resolution displays of apple devices to create crystal clear, superbly detailed models that offer unparalleled customization. The ultimate anatomy reference, The Pocket Anatomy App transforms how we look at anatomy learning today.


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