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How to lose weight in a safe and effective manner?

It is only through knowing what you are consuming that you can go on to make empowered, sensible, and informed food choices.

Nutracheck has been helping people achieve their weight loss goals since 2005, with the website being featured in countless premium news and magazine publications as one of the top calorie-tracking systems on the market. Nutracheck also provides the calorie counting tool for the trusted NHS website.

Nutracheck Calorie Counter+ App enables users to monitor their diet on-the-go and offers an insight into personal eating habits too. This includes awareness and understanding of the 7 key nutrients (carbs, sugar, fiber, protein, fat, saturated fat, and salt) and how they impact individual diet.

The App offers a detailed food and exercise diary, a nutritional database, barcode scanner, and recipe builder, tracking for weight and body measurements, and LIVE Club weigh-ins. With 4 ways to view your daily diary, the App also provides in-depth food reports and graphs to highlight eating behaviors and suggestions on making modifications.

You can also link the App with your Fitbit, track your water, fruit, and vegetable intake or add your step count from any device. For those who like a little more support and interaction, you have live help and advice from nutritionists, fitness experts, as well as forum support and a ‘find a buddy’ scheme.

Currently available in English and Spanish and with over a million installs, you can download the App on both iPhone and Android with variable membership fees detailed on the Nutracheck website, including periodic subscription deals.


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