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How can Health Apps help with asthma?

The Asthma Coach App has been developed by the Asthma Society of Ireland and made available as an App for iPhones and a mobile website for other smartphone devices. Designed in consultation with healthcare professionals and the people living with Asthma, it aims to help patients become more informed and better understand their symptoms and management options.

This well-designed application is essential for patients to track, manage, and control their asthma condition. Users create their own individual profile and develop their personalized 5 step asthma management plan using the App's various features. Features include a personal diary that enables self-monitoring by logging their asthma activity, triggers, peak-flow readings, and medication. The logged dairy results and statistics are also visually reproduced in graph form.

People with Asthma can use the app to create medical appointment reminders and medication and vaccination reminders. Users can email reports to their healthcare providers, and their diaries are useful tools for discussions and consultations with their health care specialists.

The App is full of advice and is strongly informative. People can learn a lot about asthma and its complications, intervention, and remedies.

There is excellent advice on how to recognize symptoms and how to deal with an asthma attack.

Users receive weather reports and can access reporting on real-time pollen levels and changing of pollen counts. The App also provides the latest news and developments in the industry and offers a selection of instructional videos.

The 'Asthma Coach' App is available in a wide selection of languages and is available free of charge.


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