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Suffering from a chronic health condition or illness can be debilitating and an isolating and lonely experience.The HealthUnlocked App is designed like that of a social networking site, where users can connect with others who are going through similar life events.

Within the App, you will uncover in excess of 700 dedicated communities focused on a plethora of health and wellbeing topics such as cancer, anxiety and depression support, OCD, and weight loss.

Offering a more holistic methodology to healthcare, HealthUnlocked encourages users to take control of their wellbeing, providing detailed information and advice on over 300 conditions so they can be managed and treated with a more all-inclusive approach.

The App permits access to vital resources, e-learning materials, and 24/7 online support with associated experts. Some of the other key features include fitness and nutrition communities that empower users to stay on track with their health goals, a running newsfeed of the latest posts and updates from selected groups, a private message function, and a chat room where users can share experiences, offer perspectives, and access peer-support.

The App is quoted as the world’s largest network for health and wellbeing and boasts over 4 million monthly users. So, whatever your condition, situation or need, you will find a community to connect with. Suppose you are concerned about the concept of a social networking site. In that case, HealthUnlocked asserts that the site is carefully monitored and moderated to ensure that the best and most reliable information is being shared.

The App is free to download and currently only available on iPhone.


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