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Health Apps as a resource for coping with anxiety.

Depression and anxiety are some of the most common health issues Americans face nowadays. With the Covid-19 pandemic reducing our ability to interact with others, this situation has only worsened. The lack of human interaction and worry about the virus causes depression and anxiety; additionally, the pandemic's financial impact brings more pressure on Americans today.

Dealing with all this is very challenging. However, there are health and wellness Apps that can help.

Some Apps, such as Moodpath on iPhone or Daylio, are intended to help you track moods and emotions so that you can assess whether your feelings are normal or if there are signs of mental health disorder. The App asks in-the-moment questions over a period of 14 days and assesses your emotional situation over that time. The main focus is to determine whether you need professional support.

Another approach from Talklife is a community App that allows people to discuss their concerns and challenges with others experiencing similar things. This can be particularly effective; our emotions can sometimes make us feel isolated and lonely. Sometimes, another person listening makes all the difference.

"What's Up?", an Android App, offers a different approach. The App offers dozens of coping mechanisms to learn to manage your daily challenges. This App provides secure, confidential and non judgemental support. Whenever and wherever you need it.

Other Apps feature depression hypnosis tools to help users relax or sleep, while there are several mindfulness apps such as Sanvello. Created by a psychologist, Sanvello gives you clinically proven techniques for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma-related conditions, or whatever else you may be going through. It uses visualizations, meditation tools, and other features to help deal with your emotions.

Each approach has benefits, and together they offer a wide range of tools and support for your mental health.


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