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Doctor on Demand

The Doctor on Demand App enables users to have virtual appointments, via a smartphone or iPad, with many medical professionals, including doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

Often faster and more convenient than attending a specialist clinic, you can seek virtual help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Appointments can be arranged immediately or scheduled for your convenience. Similar to an in-person consultation, your doctor will discuss your medical history, symptoms, perform an examination and recommend treatment, which can include prescriptions, blood or lab work, and doctor’s notes where needed.

Medical issues can be addressed through the App, with practitioners being able to access your vitals, including temperature and blood pressure, through an Apple Health Kit integration.

Users can be linked with medical professionals who can help with both preventative care and chronic conditions. From allergies to anxiety, diabetes to depression, PTSD to prescription refills, the App can aid with most medical needs.

There is also a free mental health assessment and the option to connect with a mental health professional from the privacy of your own home. Therapy and psychiatry appointments are frequently available in as little as two weeks, which can be much faster than through other more traditional methods.

The Doctor on Demand service is open to everyone, whether you have medical insurance in place or not. Any subsequent costs will be flagged before your video call.

With over a million installs, the App can be used to help your entire family, including children, and is available to download for free on both iPhone and Android.


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