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Do you suffer from a Joy deficiency? Vitamin J. “J” stands for joy.

Vitamin J is probably one of the lesser-known vitamins, but it still plays an integral part in ensuring overall system health.

Also known as choline, vitamin J is a critical component safeguarding brain health, including memory, intelligence, and mood. It is sometimes even said that the ‘J’ stands for joy! Signs and symptoms of vitamin J deficiency include dimmed vision, a lack of appetite, a comprised immune system, a lowered libido, nerve damage and severe changes in mood. It can be difficult to keep track of all the many vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. The Vitl Health App helps users to discover what they really need before devising a personalized approach to individual health and wellbeing. The App involves a free consultation before you receive your very own tailor-made nutritional plan and the receipt of a personalized vitamin pack delivered to your door. The App enables you to effortlessly check how you are doing, including an easy-to-follow panel of the areas you are excelling at, zones to focus on, personalized goals and food groups you should consider to boost your nutrient levels.You also have the option of taking your nutrient monitoring to the next level with an at-home DNA test kit, vitamin and cholesterol testing, nutritionist insights and tailored reminders. The App is free to download in the Apple store and offers in-app purchases ranging from $14.00 to $36.00. #Nutrition #NutritionApps #VitaminJ #Joy #Choline #NutrientMonitoring #DNAtest #tailored #Exploreyourbody


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