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Connect with your Healthcare Professional

In light of the ongoing pandemic, peoples health, wellbeing and safety has never been of more importance. But with the current stresses being put on national health services and many reserves being outsourced, you’re not alone if you are finding that you are not receiving the support and care you need for ongoing medical complaints and new ailments.

If you are unable to access your usual services, then now is the time to consider one of the many burgeoning online medical portals that are revolutionizing the healthcare world.

Teladoc is a radical medical app which offers care and assistance to users for a plethora of needs, including 24/7 support for non-emergency conditions, primary care virtual visits, mental health support, health treatment reviews, expert medical advice from dermatologists, pediatricians, nutritional assistance, sexual health guidance and much more. Services can be covered by individual healthcare plans, insurance or employer schemes and data can be shared between Teladoc and your usual doctor should you require.

The Zocdoc app is an innovative database of health care providers including OB-GYN’s, psychiatrists, dentists, and eye doctors. The app enables quick and easy appointment booking, doctor profiling, user reviews, and a filtering system so you can access services covered specifically by your health insurance provider.

Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to receive care around the clock, telemedicine and medical apps can also be far more convenient, circumvent unnecessary travel, facilitate coordinated care, provide users with a more safe and familiar environment for discussions, and reduce healthcare costs.

Telemedicine is rapidly changing how we manage our wellbeing and you too can get involved and alter the way you approach your mind and body health.


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